Recent arrivals – December 4, 2015

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Click here to get connected to the Library’s online catalogue, then type in the title of the book. If you see a green box on the left, the book is available. If the box is red, the book is out on loan but you can phone 514-935-7344 and reserve it.

(in alphabetical order)

007 Live and Let Die
DVD Fic 007 Live
Already Dead / Stepehn Booth
PBK Fic Boo
Autobiography of a Yogi / Paramhansa Yogananda
Bio Y54a
Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of companion planting for successful gardening / Louise Riotte
635 R585c
The Complete Guide to Savings Seeds / Robert Gough
617.7 M696m
The Delicate Art of Parking: A comical investigation
DVD Fic Delicate
DVD Fic Elephant
The Hero / Paul Almond
Fic Alm
The Household Spirit / Tod Wodicka
Fic Wod
In Search of Your Scottish Ancestors / Christine Woodcock
SC 929.1 W886i
The Memory Painter / Gwendolyn Womack
Fic Wom
Midnight Sun / Jo Nesbo
MYS Fic Nes
The Murder House / James Patterson
MYS Fic Pat
Nothing Like Love / Sabrina Ramnanan
Fic Ram
Seeing Seeds: A journey into the world of seedheads, pods, and fruit / Teri Dunn Chace
581.467 D923s
DVD Fic Selfless
Shaun the Sheep Movie
DVD Fic Shaun
Slade House / David Mitchell
Fic Mit
Stolen Sisters: The story of two missing girls, their families and how Canada has failed Indigenous women / Emmanuelle Walter
362.88 W231s
Trust No One / Paul Cleave
Fic Cle
The West Wing Season 3
DVD Fic West Wing 3

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