Recent Arrivals – February 19, 2016

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(in alphabetical order)

Ashley Bell / Dean Koontz
Fic Koo
Close your eyes, hold hands / Chris Bohjalian
Fic Boh
Cold Antler Farm / Jenna Woginrich
Bio W845c
The Dante Connection / Estelle Ryan
MYS Fic Rya
Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin
DVD Opera Tchaikovsky Eugen Onegin 2013
Fates and Furies / Lauren Groff
Fic Gro
Wagner – Der Fliegende Hollander
DVD Opera Wagner Fliegende 2015
The Gap of Time / Jeanette Winterson
Fic Win
DVD Fic Grandma
The Health Gap / Michael Marmot
362.1 M352h
The High Mountains of Portugal / Yann Martel
Fic Mar
The Indestructible Houseplant / Tovah Martin
635.965 M383i
A Man of Good Hope / Jonny Steinberg
Bio A798s
The Man Who Wan’t There / Anil Ananthaswamy
618.8 A534m
The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan / Robert Hough
Fic Hou
Menagerie / Rachel Vincent
Fic Vin
Paul-Emile Borduas: A critical biography / Francois-Marc Gagnon
QWF Bio B729g
Rumpole of the Bailey Season 3 & 4
DVD Fic Rumpole 2
DVD Fic 007 Spectre
DVD Fic Suffragette
This is What You Just Put In Your Mouth / Patrick Di Justo
664.07 D536t

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