Recent Arrivals – July 28, 2017

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Click here to get connected to the Library’s online catalogue, then type in the title of the book. If you see a green box on the left, the book is available. If the box is red, the book is out on loan but you can phone 514-935-7344 and reserve it.

(in alphabetical order)

A Lady at Willowgrove Hall / Sarah E. Ladd
Fic Lad
A United Kingdom
DVD Fic UnitedK
Being Erica, Season 3
DVD Fic Being E 3
Boundary: The Last Summer / Andrée A. Michaud
QWF Fic Mic
Le Cosmos et le Lotus / Trinh Xuan Thuan
FR Bio T832c
DVD Fic Dreamgirls
The Eyre Affair / Jasper Fforde
Fic Ffo
Ghost Ship: A Novel from the NUMA Files / Clive Cussler and Graham Brown
PBK Fic Cus
The Guinea Pigs / Ludvik Vaculik
Fic Vac
Midsomer Murders, Set 13
DVD Fic Midsomer 13
No is Not Enough: Resisting the New Shock Politics and Winning the World we Need / Naomi Klein
303.6 K64n
Peter Grimes / Benjamin Britten
CD Music Britten
Raging Bull
DVD Fic Raging
Rhapsody in Quebec: On the Path of an Immigrant Child / Akos Verboczy
QWF Bio V479r
Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama / David J. Garrow
BLK Bio O12g
The Rose
DVD Fic Rose
Seven Stones to Stand or Fall / Diana Gabaldon
SC Fic Gab
The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense / Dean Koontz
Fic Koo
Since we Fell / Dennis Lehane
Fic Leh
Since we Fell: Unabridged / Dennis Lehane; Performed by Julia Whelan
CD Fic Leh
The Whiskey King: The Remarkable True Story of Canada’s Most Infamous Bootlegger and the Undercover Mountie on his Trail / Trevor Cole
Bio P456c

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