Sonja Greckol’s Bio

Sonja Greckol

Credit: Robi Levy

Sonja Greckol’s Skein of Days was released by Pedlar Press in Spring, 2014. The book deploys a skein of newspaper and magazine headings and subheads from publications of Greckol’s own place and time, interweaving flashes of popular song titles, particles of scientific lexicon, and a moving poetic record drawn from each year’s Governor General’s Award winning book of poetry. Gravity Matters, her first book, was published by Inanna Press in April, 2009. Her work has appeared in Rusty Toque, Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Literature, Dalhousie Review, CV2, Canadian Women’s Studies, Fiddlehead and Matrix. She was the founding poetry editor for Women and Environments International and is a founding member of the Editorial Group. Having taught college and university, studied order and disorder in jokes, done human rights and gender-based research and organizational consulting, she now does local activism with the Toronto Women’s City Alliance (TWCA) while she writes.


To listen to Sonja’s reading at the Atwater Poetry Project, click here.