Marie Annharte Baker’s Bio

Marie Annharte Baker. Credit: Ryan Klatt

Marie Annharte Baker
Photographer: Ryan Klatt

ANNHARTE, AKA MARIE BAKER, is Anishinabe (Little Saskatchewan First Nation, Manitoba). She has moved her urban campground back to her birthplace, otherwise known as Winnipeg. She is the author of four poetry books, Indigena Awry (New Star Books, 2012), Exercises In Lip Pointing (New Star Books, 2003,) Columbus Coyote Cafe (Moonprint, 1994) and Being On the Moon (Polestar, 1990; Raincoast, 2000.) Her book of essays, interviews and memoir is AKA: Inendagosekwe (Capilano University Editions, 2013.)

To listen to Marie’s reading at the Atwater Poetry Project, click here.