Our Board, Capital Campaign Cabinet, Other Volunteers and Staff

Board of Directors

John Aylen, President
Bruce D. Bolton, Vice-President
Geoffrey Dowd, Secretary
David W. Bush
Richard Conrad
Peter Dunn
Martha Jane Hancock
Helgi Soutar

Honorary Board Advisors

Lionel J. Blanshay
Mary Leslie-Aitken
Marshall Wansbrough

Phillip L. Chartrand died peacefully at age 87 on June 8, 2013. He had served on the Board of Directors of the Atwater Library and Computer Centre from the late 1980s until 2009 and after that, was an Honorary Advisor to the Board. He gave steadfast support to the Library during lean years when some people doubted the organization’s future viability.

Capital Campaign – Phase II Co-Chairs

Richard W. Pound
W. David Angus

Capital Campaign – Phase I Cabinet (2012-2013)

Richard W. Pound, Chair
W. John Bennett
Lionel J. Blanshay
Roy L. Heenan
Mary Leslie-Aitken
Hilary Pearson
David A. Tarr
Philip L. Webster


Susan McGuire


There are more than 175 volunteers who are essential to the health and thriving life of our organization. Volunteers do a range of tasks, including working at the circulation desk, the computer centre, the book sale room and tending the garden. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer.


The Atwater Library and Computer Centre has nine full-time-equivalent staff.  The staff is aided by stagiaires, interns and students as well as more than 175 volunteers.

Lynn Verge – Executive Director
Tanya Mayhew – Manager of Administration and Development
Kimberley Ryan – Head Librarian
Brandon Spray – Coordinator of Computer Courses and Room Rentals
Ralph Fugaban – IT Manager
Eric Craven – Community Development Librarian
Marco De Petrillo – Saturday and Evenings Manager
Ian Morrison – Saturday and Evenings Manager
Kelvin Baez-Baez – Building Custodian