Computer Services

Man at ComputerThe Atwater Library and Computer Centre’s history dates back to the 1800s, when we were known as the Mechanic’s Institute of Montreal. We were one of the first adult educational institutions open to the public, with a focus on technical skills such as drafting, and public lectures on issues of importance.

In the 21st Century, technical knowledge and information exchange have been transformed by the Internet. The Atwater Library and Computer Centre continue to provide a vital service by helping our communities connect to the information they need and by providing courses and workshops that help young and old master computers, the Internet and digital media.

We have a bank of computers open to the public, provide free Wi-Fi throughout our building and beyond, we offer courses and workshops in our dedicated computer classroom, and we run the innovative Digital Literacy Project that partners with community groups to bring technical skills to youth and marginalized adults.

News and Events

Gazette on the Digital Literacy Project
Columnist Mike Boone has a great article in the Gazette about our wonderful Digital Literacy Project. Says Mr. Boone:

But while the Internet’s steely grip on the future of media has some of us clutching our crystal balls, the Atwater Library is expanding the Web’s reach. Since a pilot project in 2006, the library has run workshops on such digital media skills as the creation of Web pages and blogs, digital audio, video and photography.

The project brings together mentors who work in media with segments of the public underserved by the digital revolution.

A “wrap party” at the Atwater Library yesterday afternoon brought together 20 Digital Literacy Project participants from James Lyng High School, WORD Writing Our Rhymes Down, Jeunesse 2000, Project 10 and the RECLAIM Literacy Council. If the festive spirit moved them, they were free to peruse that old stuff lining the library’s shelves. [more…]