DVDs – We have a growing collection

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A generous donor is responsible for a valuable addition to the Atwater Library: an opera DVD collection. Over 100 DVDs of operas are now available to our members. To see the selection, use our online catalogue, choose “KEYWORDS” and enter “opera dvd collection”.

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It has been said that William Shakespeare is Hollywood’s greatest screenwriter. Thanks to a generous donation from a friend of the Library who prefers to remain anonymous, the Atwater DVD collection is well on the way to becoming the preeminent home of Shakespeare on film in Montreal.  The heart of the new Shakespeare DVD Collection will be recordings of the complete canon from BBC and Stratford Festival productions featuring renowned Shakespearean actors such as Olivier and Gielgud. The collection will continue to expand with cinematic adaptions from Hollywood and the world. These DVDs can be borrowed without charge by Atwater Library members. To consult the collection online, type “Shakespeare Collection” in the search field while choosing the “KEYWORDS” option.

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