Support Us


We need your support!

Unlike public libraries, we receive little government funding for operations and services (only 11% of our lean budget).

We depend on charitable donors and volunteers to run our many programs and to maintain our beautiful heritage building.

In addition to seeking support for our community services, we are requesting donations to upgrade our building, built in 1919 and now a National Historic Site.

Since 2011, our Building Communities Capital Campaign has raised over $1.5 million to go with a $425,000 grant from Parks Canada for a total of over $1.9 million. The funds have allowed us to do major interior renovations for safety and fire code compliance and to make our facilities more useful for the community. However, we still have to address ageing windows and masonry plus we dream of installing an elevator to make the building fully accessible.

It doesn’t matter why you give, how you give or what part of the Library’s needs you’d like your donation to meet! We’ll make sure your gift makes a difference.

There are other ways to help us too. You can donate books, donate time as a volunteer, talk about us to your friends, take a computer course, or attend our events.

If you’d like to make a financial contribution, please contact Tanya Mayhew at 514-935-7344 or

You can also donate online through Canada Helps.

We are happy to ensure each donor gets a tax receipt.

Our charitable registration number is BN 107686388 RR 0001.