YouTube VIDEO Series

During the Spring of 2020, our CONNECT Project team made a series of YouTube videos to help people be in touch, informed and inspired through digital technology.

Episode 1: Introduction to Our Video Series

Episode 2: eBooks and Audiobooks
How to get started reading and listening to books on your device — phone, tablet or computer. With step-by-step instructions for borrowing eBooks and audiobooks from the Atwater Library.
We would love to get your questions, comments and suggestions for additional videos.

Episode 3: Podcasts
How to begin enjoying a wealth of free recorded radio programs and other online audio material. Included is info about popular and recommended podcasts.

Episode 4: Filing Your Income Tax Return Online

Episode 5: Zoom Video Conferencing
Step-by-step instructions for using Zoom to take part in online meetings and events. With a “cheat sheet” guide to buttons and functions.

A brief intro with links to presenters’ slideshows and a guide to YouTube buttons and functions.

Episode 7: Online Ordering for Delivery
A guide with helpful information and local examples.