Recent Arrivals – January 26, 2024

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(in alphabetical order)

Alex Cross Must Die / James Patterson
MYS Fic Pat
Blackberry / [DVD]
DVD Fic BlackBerry
Gerard Collins: Fifty Years of Painting / Robert Barriault with Mary Blatherwick
QWF Bio C712b
Horse / Geraldine Brooks
Fic Bro
The Last Unsuitable Man / Louise Carson
Life’s Undercard / Michael Joseph Montague, as told to Joseph Neuhaus
BLK Bio M759n
Lockdown / Laurie R. King
MYS Fic Kin
The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Post: A Novel / Allison Pataki
Fic Pat
Making It So: A Memoir / Patrick Stewart
Bio S849m
Pastoral Song / James Rebanks
Bio R289p
Professor T, Season 2 / [DVD]
DVD Fic Professor T 2
Sisters Under the Rising Sun / Heather Morris
Fic Mor

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